"We spent a whole week extracting from the UN officials we met information that's relevant": A.I. Bros muscling in on Israel's occupation of Palestine

Shults and Lane are aware that claiming that AI could “solve the crisis” between Israelis and Palestinians is likely to result in a lot of eye-rolling if not outright hostility, especially given the horrific scenes coming out of Gaza daily. So they are quick to dispel that this is what they are trying to do.

“Quite frankly, if I were to phrase it that way, I’d roll my eyes too,” Shults says. “The key is that the model is not designed to resolve the situation; it’s to understand, analyze, and get insights into implementing policies and communication strategies.”

The notion that greater insights can come from chucking flawed training data into a model than asking experts or people affected is a central, flawed conceit of all current A.I.

The UN Hired an AI Company to Untangle the Israeli-Palestinian Crisis - Wired

Ben Harris-Roxas @ben_hr