The use of AI tools in hiring processes is a black box but it's already widespread. Hiring is the single most important thing you do for an organisation – abrogating that responsibility to an A.I. is grossly irresponsible.

Many of the tools are essentially black boxes, says Schellmann. AI let loose on training data looks for patterns, which it then uses to make its predictions. But it isn’t necessarily clear what those patterns are and they can inadvertently bake in discrimination. Even the vendors may not know precisely how their tools are working, let alone the companies that are buying them or the candidates or employees who are subjected to them.

Schellmann tells of a black female software developer and military veteran who applied for 146 jobs in the tech industry before success. The developer doesn’t know why she had such a problem but she undertook one-way interviews and played AI video games, and she’s sure was subject to CV screening. She wonders if the technology took exception to her because she wasn’t a typical applicant. The job she eventually did find was by reaching out to a human recruiter.

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Ben Harris-Roxas @ben_hr