Discord, the internet's sewer, continues to be dangerous to you even if you're not on it

Discord continues to be every troll’s favourite platform:

Over the weekend, hackers targeted federated social networks like Mastodon to carry out ongoing spam attacks that were organized on Discord, and conducted using Discord applications.

Importantly these coordinated attacks seem to be targeting smaller fediverse instances according to Eugen Rochko, which may have less active moderation processes in place. These claims may be self-serving on Rochko’s part though, some of the best-run instances I know are smaller ones and mastodon.social is often a bin fire.

Discord took no action against server that coordinated costly Mastodon spam attacks | TechCrunch techcrunch.com

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Eugen Rochko (@Gargron@mastodon.social) mastodon.social


Ben Harris-Roxas @ben_hr